Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blogger Of Note!?!

Oh my! Last night, just as I was finishing my post on our bears, Nat walked into the athlete lounge and asked what I was doing. I told her I had written about our Build A Bear adventure. I had just closed my web browser, and was about to shut down my computer when she asked to take a quick peak at the post. So I re-opened Safari to get at my blog. I have my homepage set to a customized iGoogle page displaying the "widgets" that interest me the most. Things like: 
  1. The weather in cities that pertain to me.
  2. The National Geographic Picture of the Day (I am in awe of what they capture!)
  3. Latest updates on (I am a total sucker for that stuff.)
  4. World Clocks (So I know what time it is in other countries where I have friends.) 
  5. A calendar (Because I never know what day it is.)
  6. Blogger of Note
I added the Blogger of Note widget when I first started my blog because I thought it was such a cool way to see what people out there had to offer. Being new to the blogging world I figured these pros had things to teach me....I was amazed by what was out there. Over time, as I saw cool  things on other blogs, I added elements to my own. There are still things that I have no idea how to do, but hopefully when I have more time I will be able to learn. I really just wanted to share my stories! :)

Boy was I surprised when as I re-opened my web browser to show Nat my blog. My eyes went right to that Blogger widget as it has ever day for over a year..........and there was The Dish!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH BLOGGER!!!!!!! I can not tell you what it means to me to have my blog selected for this honor. My blog was started to share my life, in my sport, with friends and family. Now Blogger has helped to share water polo with so many more people. On a day that is so important for our sport, for female athletes, and for really touched my heart and helped make this time more special.

Thanks for reading and for all the support!!!!


Athene said...


Banco de Imágenes Gratuitas said...

Google loves you!

pipi said...

it's really nice! I'm a Beijing girl and hope you've been happy staying in Beijing.

yc said...

U r great!!
everyone needs a blog~

Ester said...

Good luck tonight! I'm going to try to stay up to watch online but we'll see how well that goes.

NBC needs to broadcast your games, but I'll be thinking of you guys!!

Anthony said...


Snuffles said...


Jophiel said...

Hello Heather

I just started my blog here on blogger yesterday. I was trying to decide between, livejournal, and wordpress. I clicked the blog of note link to get a taste of what you could do with, and your blog came up which made the choice easy :)

I've never really followed the olympics, or any sporting event for that matter, except when Denmark is close to winning. And even then only casually. I know nothing about water polo, but I've played my share of Underwater Rugby.

However, I'll be rooting for you tonight! (In my sleep, as your game is on at 01:20 in my area, but I know it'll be the first thing I check tomorrow)

Thank you for an inspiring blog

Make a great day!

Wolfhound said...

Great game - hard, hard luck ! You guys played a fantastic game.

RuvtheRuv said...

We got up early to cheer for you. We wish it were gold too, but we are so inspired by you and the whole US team.

Kyle (Ruvolo's fiance)

Mina Jade said...

Congratulations! Being Blog of Note is well-deserved!

Eric said...

Congratulations. Love your blog!

PetalsYoga said...

You go girl!!! I've taught yoga to the girls high school water polo teams here, and they are the greatest bunch of athletes who want to be just like you. You and the whole team inspire millions of young people to be their best. That's the ultimate prize! Thanks Heather!

Josh Man said...

Great job! Wish you had won, but we're still so proud of you all.

Congrats on the Silver!

Ancient Clown said...


I'm hoping as a veteran you can shed some light on this. I was interested in getting the athlete's thoughts themselves on participating in murder and corruption, or if you felt that as an athlete, you are exempt from the crimes committed against the people while preparations are being made for your performance?
I was wondering if you thought you were having a greater impact on equality by participating and perpetuating in it's removal or if you even cared at all that by the 2010 Olympics well over 2010 people will have been killed so you can perform your(drugfree)best...but your refusal to be used this way could starting saving those lives today.
I was also wondering if you could share this message with ALL the other athletes from ALL the other countries and leave their thoughts here and/or here.
thank you very much for your participation.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Hüseyin Güneş said...

Hi. Iam Hüseyin
This is a beatiful blog
I can swim:)

blog king said...

wish u all the success in the world..btw i'm new to bloggin can u teach me a thing or two ?

Franklin Barrientos said...

HI Heater, I like so much your Blog. Congratulations. I wrote you from Guatemala Central America. I hope you had a great time in Beijing.

Franklin Barrientos.

dean said...

Heather, many of us from the New York Athletic Club have been following the teams success. You and your team mates have represented the U.S. and the NYAC in the true spirit of the Olympics. I've been forwarding your blog and the teams results to our Men's and Women's Lacrosse teams. Hope to see you all in New York.

Lynn said...

Sorry about the outcome of the game. Really enjoyed reading your blog during the games. It really gave all of us an idea about what it was like to be there.

saintjoseph said...

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zarb said...

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fiddler727 said...

We're total suckers for water polo too! Congratulations Heather!

Mark Golin and everyone at

Anonymous said...

Did you enjoy winning the silver medal in an area that used to house poor Chinese people who were uprooted for the good of the games? I suppose not, but hey, who cares about spending 40billion US dollars on 16 days of games trying to show the world we want to lick the Chinese governments arse rather than try and get them to eradicate the mass poverty that exists within their country as well as their abuse of human rights.

Hope your silver medal was worth seeing lots of people made homeless

Anonymous said...

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