Friday, February 29, 2008

The Day of the LEAP

It only occured to me this morning that while this day happens every four years, it happens to fall in every summer Olympic year. That will make it easier to remember in the future. Why in my 29 years, have I not noticed this before OR celebrated it earlier!

It was decided after this rediculously hard week that it was time to have some mexican food, a coronita or three and play some shuffle board to some spectaularly choosen juke box music. Here is to friends and 24 extra hours in our life every four years!

(the first photo was a 10 sec. timer shot we did on the corner of the street. it took us a few tries to get a majority jumping at the same time) :)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

First off, I should apoligize for falling of the face of the earth for a month and a half. How did it get to be February 14th already?!?

I hope that you all have spread some love around and ate some chocolate today. :)

Because today is so centered on love I found myself thinking about those people in your life that just do incredibly generous and kind things for you just because they want to. For example, almost 5 years ago I met a chiropractor in the bar at the restaurant we went to for my birthday. He could tell we were athletes. Ten tall, muscular, extremely sunburned girls was not a tip off at all. When he found out we were Olympic water polo players training at the Armed Reserve Base in Los Alamitos, he said if we ever needed chiropractic work to come to his office which was right around the corner from the pool. He gave me the number to his office and told me to call and make an appointment.

So, he seemed like a really nice person....but I was still wary. I never called. A week later I stopped at 7-11 to grab a Gatorade before practice and who was in there?? The chiropractor! This was too much of a coincidence to ignore. I told him would come into the office the next day. I had been having problems with my back at the time and no amount of therapy had been working.

After the first visit my back felt better and he had me come in every day that week to keep working on things. After that I went in once a week for a while and then whenever I felt I needed a tune up. What he does has an incredible effect of how I feel physically during training. I can not imagine the last five years without his help. He has never asked us to pay for the treatments. Only a photo to hang in his office, next to the other athletes he helps. Plus he offered to help any of my teammates that may be hurting. Now at least six of us go in and see him on a regular basis. I never know how to thank him enough when I leave his office. I wish there was something more I could do or say. He makes a huge impact on my life and is so happy to help.

His name is Randall Stark. I would recomend him to anyone looking for a chiropractor in the Southern California area.
I just love him!