Saturday, May 26, 2007

I was seduced to the dark side.

I tried. Really hard. I wasn't going to give in to the posh Hollywood popularity that is Pink Berry.

I mean who pays over $6 for frozen yogurt? Or fresh greek style yogurt in ice like form. Whatever it is, it should not cost that much. It probably costs $1.50 for them to make.

But it does cost this much. And I can't stop eating it. Because it is deliciously addictive. Kind of like crack. But I like to think of it as a more healthy form of addiction. So it is ok. (This is just me being delusional) You tell me....I just forked over $13 for a 13oz. green tea yogurt with strawberry, kiwi, granola and the secret ingredient. At this rate I will not have money for rent next month.

The fruit they pile on top IS fresh. And cut up small, not drenched in sugary syrup. SO they must charge this much because someone is in the back kitchen actually cutting up fruit. I mean hard labor means cash. WARNING: If you choose to put fruity pebbles on your yogurt, you are really cheating yourself out of your own money, because you know the person that pours the cereal into the container from the Costco sized box in back didn't have to work very hard, and it costs the same as the fruit.

SECRET: For those of you that love the thing called mochi.....they have tiny little balls of it that you can add too. But it is not up on the menu so it is a "people in the know" kind of thing. Like at In and have to be a regular to really get the good stuff.

I have become one of the masses and can not live without a little Pink Berry in my life. I say try it once. If you have the will power to "stick it to the man" and not pay a ridiculous price for such are a better person than I. But enjoy that one that you do buy.....cuz you have paid gold for every decadent bite! :)


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Olympic Flashback

While our team was training in Sydney before World Chamionships we stayed in the Olympic Park hotel and played at the Olympic swim venue we played in for the final game seven years ago. It was surreal to be there again after so many years.
We found the Olympic Couldron which had once proudly burned the Olympic flame had been turned into a fountain. It was hot. There was water. So we cooled off and took a team picture surrounded by the cascading water.....I like to think the water had some lucky or positive energy because we played so well after that. Maybe I should have brought some home for use later.

We found these plauqes surrounding the fountain. There was one for every medal winner from the 2000 Games. All 13 of our names were there! I am so proud of our team. GO USA!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Why #2

In this cell phone driven world, why do people think it is alright to text and be glued to their phone even when they are with other people?

Is it really necessary to sit right next to someone while having coffee, and text or talk to someone else on the phone? Why go interact with real people at all then? Just stay at home and conduct all your correspondence through your phone. Because it is rude to the person you are with. Basically says to are not as important as this person I am talking to on the phone.

Worse yet is to be driving in the car and be texting so much you almost kill everyone in the car. Get lost or better yet never say one word to the living breathing person in the car with you while on the way to your destination.

Maybe we need to cut the umbilical cord with our cellies. What did we do before cell phones existed. We planned on meeting up and chatting in person. We called home phones and talked. Or left messages so talking could happen when both parties were not otherwise doing something else. Is that lost now??

Maybe not....but we all could do a better job of realizing it. Incorporate the best of both worlds....basically just be more considerate.

Why #1

Why do people feel the need to steal???

I mean, is it so hard to get a job? Even one at a place like McDonalds. Make minimum wage. But earn your own money. Once you have SAVED a little cash, you can buy your own things. Instead of taking someone else's stuff. For f*%k sake people!!! Are we really that lazy???

I mean, you tell me, but.......I think it takes a whole lot more effort for a person to, lets say, stake out someone who locks their bike in the same place behind their house (way in the back, underneath some stairs) for months. Notices the day the person buys a nice shiny new basket for the front, to carry groceries home from the store in. Goes home, gets lock cutters. Comes back to the house. Cuts the TWO locks that secure (and obviously not very well) the bike to the cement stairs. And steals the bike.

Ok, so someone did this to me yesterday. And maybe you say I am stupid for locking it outside. But I'm sorry. I sure as hell figured TWO different locks would keep it safe and deep down I want to trust that people don't do this kind of shit. But they do and I hate it. Makes a person feel violated. So, I put a sign outside where my bike used to be, that reads... "Thanks a lot for stealing my bike, asshole." Hopefully other people living around me, will read this and take their bikes inside. More likely they will think..."That girl is stupid. People are inherently stealers. Protect your worldly belongings at all times."

Great. I have no bike. Boo.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Don't get distracted.

It is so easy to start cooking, find something else to do and forget all about what you were preparing. Until it starts burning and the aroma fills the kitchen. That brings you back real quick.

New food choice: Spelt.
Ever heard of it? It is yummy. An ancient wheat grain. Nutty flavor, fiber and protein. All good things!

You can get it at Trader Joes in a little box. TRY IT!
Note: Warm chicken broth is one of the ingredients....kinda smells like cat pee to me but don't let that deter you from trying it!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Take Note!

It has come to my attention that there is a VERY unique time upon us. At 2:03 AM and 4 secconds this Sunday morning it will be.....

02:03:04 05/06/07

Once in a lifetime! Once in a 1000 years! Celebrate. Take note. Have a party!
Have a great weekend!