Thursday, October 22, 2009

Photo(s) of The Day

My life's pursuit, as of now, is what many others would call a hobby. Cultivating another hobby has never been high on my list. I have always loved to take photos. My little "point and shoot" camera has served me well, documenting my adventures and travels. But.....if I could make a job out of one of my passions, could I do the same with another? Why not give it a try.

I have a new "more complicated" camera. And with the extra time I have while recovering from surgery I think I will learn more about photography, how to properly use this camera, experiment with taking photos and dream up ways in which to use my photos in the future.

You never know what can come of your dreams once you put them out in the universe. :)

These were the first photos I took this morning with the new camera. This kitty lounges on this car every day and seems to be in a perpetual battle to try and keep her coat clean. Always licking and preening. It is no wonder, with how dirty this car is.

I was only going to post one photo, every day, from the batch I take. But it is so hard to choose. And I like it when groups of photos can tell a story. Maybe as I get better I will be able to narrow it down. We shall see.