Friday, September 25, 2009

All cleaned up!

Ravishing Designer Blue Cap- $5

Exquisite Red Plastic ID Band- $10

Warm 6000 Count Cotton Blanket- $15

Limited Edition Sticky Thermometer Gauge (on my forehead) - $25
(Or is that a bar code to scan me in at the supermarket?)

1 Un-Swollen, Pain-Free, Non-Popping Knee- PRICELESS

The surgery before mine took a little bit longer than scheduled. As I lay there I began to get a little anxious. Incredible teammate and friend, Ericka Lorenz, had driven me to the appointment and was trying to distract me from thinking about what was coming. She blew up a surgical glove and we drew on it.

Something so simple. Made me smile and head to surgery with less stress. :)

Dr. Scott Graham did a splendid job.

Now it is up to me to get the joint back up and running.

Rest, Ice, Elevation and lots of therapy!